Zu Tisch – Greater Kailash 1

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Non Vegetarians Paradise is what i would call this place. The variety of schnitzel’s,sausages and burgers served here had put Zu Tich high on my wish list.

In all Zu Tich looks big, but isn’t. It’s smart space management. It fills up fast and yet doesn’t get claustrophobic.There’s a full bar, although you might find a spirit or two of your choice missing, and they have an interesting line-up of cocktails too. And the prices are wallet friendly, which is always welcome.
The wall mapping different German Towns was a nice touch.
The music playing was to my liking and the service is good.

The place makes a decent effort with the food; it’s not gourmet, and it’s not something that will make you do somersaults. But they have interesting options that will go well with whatever you’re drinking.
Started with the delicious Chicken Cordon Blue and superbly prepared BBQ Pork Ribs.
The thing with going to a place serving amazing drinks is that we often forget about the main course. If you’re still hungry after all the starters and drinks, I’d suggest you go with the Wiener Schnitzel and the meaty Lamb Chops.
For vegetarians, the Falafel Sovlaki Roll is an interesting twist — falafel with Arabic spices — but I am not sure how great a falafel sandwich would be. There are sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and even Pastas available.

If you are in this part of town and want honest food at honest prices in pub atmosphere then it is difficult to fault this place.
Will definitely be going here again to try their much talked about sunday brunch.

The Germans Are Here To Stay!!!!