Wildfire – Crown Plaza, Gurgaon

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Brazilian Barbecue: Its ALL ABOUT THE MEAT

Although i am not an expert in churrascaria’s but I appreciate good meat and found some of the best meats in delhi ncr served here. “Skewer-bearing” servers bring on a non stop barrage of “cooked-to-perfection” meats.The meat is roasted or grilled n placed on a skewer & then sliced with a sword for every guest.
If you have enough schnitzel and crave some (or plenty of) meat, then this place is a great choice.
The salad buffet is magnificent. The wide and mouth watering collection of steaks that they serve is simply indescribable, the 100% Angus beef straight from brazil to your plate will drive your senses crazy.

Highlight of the meal, is when the wait staff walk around with different assortments of grilled meats. From chicken to beef to lamb to liver to any other meat goodies.
Meats are succulent, perfectly cooked, flavourful and you can taste and appreciate the marinade burst in your mouth.

Also this was the first time I had a beer sangria and I must say I loved it. The Ice Igloo was a fitting end to a lovely meal.

So according to me this is a brilliant Rodizio style restaurant provinding excellent food, service and atmosphere within a fine dining experience.

Tip: Don’t fill your plate too much with the salad or appetisers before the meats start.