The Unknown Cafe – Sector 14, Faridabad

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The prayers of a majority of people residing in Faridabad (myself included) have been answered. The city was crying out for a nice cafe to open, so as to break the monopoly of butter chicken serving joints in the locality.
The Unknown Cafe has done just that.

The wall along the stairs is adorned with beautiful vintage wallpaper. The interiors showcase artefacts on the wall and even a cute yellow bicycle at the entrance.
A lot of effort has gone into making this place look chic and the efforts show as you get a very Happy vibe as soon as you enter.

The menu is an eccentric mix of chinese, continental, lebanese & italian.
Our server recommended the veg lasagna. The reason I don’t opt for vegetable lasagnas is that the liquid in the vegetables always makes the Lasagna watery. The chef was kind enough to explain that to solve this problem, over here the vegetables are roasted first.
Tender Vegetables, fresh ricotta, a light tomato sauce and lots of cheese made this vegetable Lasagna join my list of favourites. The cottage cheese was delicious and made the sauce even more thick and yummy.
This layered Lasagna filled with vegetables proved that going meatless doesn’t mean giving up on flavour.

The owner Mr. Kartik informed us that in the coming weeks they would be installing a wood-fire oven, until then the pizza’s served here are pretty old school. Honestly since most of the restaurants nowadays are serving wood fired pizza’s, the All Meat Pizza i had here was a welcome change. Reminded me of the pizza’s served at Nirula’s which i loved.

The Falafel Rolls were delicious. The falafel had just the right consistency and not too dry. The fresh vegetables on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes & onions combined together to make the perfect wrap.
The hummus accompanying the rolls was delectable and packs a serious punch.
The Sausage Platter served with mustard and sour cream was excellent. Hope they get their liquor license soon as sausages paired with Beer would make a wicked combination.

The popular belief is that Cafe’s in Faridabad (the ones not serving chicken tikka & butter chicken) don’t serve good food & are not worth visiting. This newly opened Cafe shuns that myth.
The owner has made an effort to venture into uncharted territory and his efforts should be applauded.
Highly recommend visiting this beautiful cafe.