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By far the best biryani’s in Delhi!!

You know how they say that the strongest memories are triggered by smell. I have known this to be quite true. The pungent smell of shoe polish reminds me of my school days, the early mornings, and the rushed swish swash shoe polish job that I used to do. The smell of tadka reminds of me my mother’s kitchen in our old apartment. Those sultry Delhi summers, and the warm comfort food she fed us over the years.
Similarly Biryani triggers a myriad of memories in my head. Different biryanis at different times in my life have had different meaning.
Kaafi different hogaya!
Back in my college days in Glasgow, the month end thrift eats were either McDonalds, or the late night stale pizza slices. The beginning of the month however, was a different story all together. The new month brought with it our favorite feast, the Biryani. The local indian restaurant abroad wali Biryani, That only tastes nice when devoured with roomates and beer.
The Nazaakat sey khaayee hui Lucknow ki biryani (bloody stop putting elaichi in it though!). Or the world famous Hyderadbad ki biryani (spicy AF!) or the Dumpukht ki Special Biryani.
Then there was also the pulao pretending to be biryani, and last (the worst) when my wife attempted to make biryani (kidding!). Matlab Biryani has had a very special place in my life and my heart. Chalo Biryani khaatein hain triggers excessive watering in the mouth.
So when the Biryani Project’s earthen pot was kept in front of me, with their glass container of raita. My first reaction was Aww, how cute. But my second reaction was WOW! Let’s check this one out.
The Biryani checked all the criterion of a mazedaar, amazing Biryani. It was high on Ungliyaan chaat jaao meter also. The meat to rice ratio was good.
We ordered Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani, Lucknow Chicken Biryani and Godavari Chicken Fry Piece Biryani.
I will also like to take this moment to appreciate the Zero wastage home delivery kit. The earthen pot and the glass container were very thoughtful on the founders’ part. They satisfied the Swachh bharat ka keeda and the middle class person who likes free keepsakes in one swift move.
If your craving is for authentic biryani’s then this is the place to order from, unlike the Dumb biryani! oh sorry Dum Biryani:) served at most biryani outlets in Delhi, the biryani’s served at The Biryani Project are authentic and delectable to the core.
I am happy and will definitely recommend this hardworking group’s brand and product.
By far the best biryani’s in Delhi!!
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