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Son of bun is trying something new. Karo try and thank me later. Is bun mein hai kuch baaat!

There’s no denying that the burger occupies a unique place in anyone’s mind. What other food conjures so many themes, stands for so many global forces as this iconic sandwich? Convenience, mass-production, globalization, capitalism, American exceptionalism—not to mention meat (lots of juicy, perfectly grilled meat). Traditionally an American classic, the burger has become increasingly popular across the globe. So much so, there is now a full day dedicated to this fun food. When did this ground meat product become an international idol?

The burger, in some form or another, has appeared throughout history since the early 4th century. It survived through war, economic crises, and over a dozen centuries of time. While its story is long and tiresome – This modern food became popular in the late 20th century, thanks to the fast food giants such as McDonalds. Post which even restaurant giants followed suit. In the 1950’s the first gourmet burger was featured in NYC. India is never left far behind!

Thankfully we have been lucky to be exposed to the other cultures, and quickly emulating, oops adapting them and how would we not adopt Burger to our palettes. We have made our own versions of this international idol.. from aloo tikki burgers from the thela wala to making the slider versions at home. From Guptaji burgers to hamburgers.. you name it and we have our very own design version of it. I remember when mom didn’t give lunch box for school, we used to be given money to have something from the canteen – what was the go to meal? Burger with cola…

Ahhh! If you are an 80’s or a 90’s kid, you definitely would have celebrated your own or must have attended someone’s birthday party at McDonald’s. Such has been our dedication and love to this amazing meal. Be it for brekkies or late night, post clubbing meals – Burgers are always our ‘Go – To’. Fancy a burger? Of course you do. It’s the food trend fave that’ll never die, having outlived the likes of hot dogs, ribs and kebabs.Whether its while on our holidays to fancy places or calling for our favourite lazy home deliveries. You want to line that tummy before a hangover or get over a bad post drinking headache (read hangover) – burger is the comfort food. Haye kya feel hoti hai when the hands hold that bun and slam bite into it to get all that’s available in that heavenly meal. When you want to appreciate it and the only thing comes out is a mmmmm, of course because mooh is full of the monstrous bite you just took.

What makes or breaks a burger?Is it the patty? Is it the bread? Is it the condiments? Or is it the mouth tingling, kick in the gut, leaves an aftertaste like your unrequited love waali sauce? I thought kabhi pata nahin chalega. But then i came across Son of a Bun.Burgers are funny old things. They’re as ubiquitous as it gets, squatting defiantly on room service and pub chain menus across the land, but rarely worthy of watercooler chat. The one, though, delivered by this burger joint , was a bona fide cheeseburger of dreams. A sloppy, messy thing, it arrived in a soft brioche bun with a buttery sheen. Inside was an edible acapella group, each member adding a new layer to the melody. Singing bass was the patty itself: it was thin and juicy, chargrilled and smoky, with a rosy-cheeked centre. Next came the baritone: a smoosh of melted cheese, burger sauce and finely minced onion. And, singing the high notes, the trill of the tenor: a heap of sweet, thin pickles, like something your granny would make. We may just have swooned. I loved the cheeseburger so much that over the last few weeks i have ended up ordering almost every burger from their gourmet burger range.

I would especially recommend the Lamburghini for lamb lovers, RHCP (which i guess stands for red hot chilli peppers) for vegetarians, Buttermilk soaked Gods Must Be Crazy burger for chicken lovers, the slightly oily but delicious apple carpaccio topped Free Willy for pork lovers and my favourite steak burger for the Tenderloin fans called the Viking.This delivery outlet also serves a killer Surf & Turf burger which combines two of my favourite ingredients i.e. Tenderloin and Prawns.Another burger which i was blown away by was Moulin Rouge.

For all health nuts out there, this flavoursome Beetroot Patty burger is a must try.Accompaniments matter kyunki competition ka zamaana hai. The onion rings were crispy.Now let me tell you something about onion rings as a connoisseur of crispy things ( ahem!) a good onion ring will be like your protective baap. Baahar sey kadak & andar sey soft.

This place delivers not only for the meat lovers – chicken, lamb, pork & tenderloin but also takes care of the veggie mates. The burgers can be accompanied with the yummilicious shakes, breathtaking sides or the most quirky sounding dessert (Ramesh Suresh is a homage to the iconic 5 Star advertisement). The menu is quite funny and draws your attention to all the burgers mentioned. It almost makes you time travel to all the things you played, watched, or heard. There you have it folks. Son of bun is trying something new. Karo try and thank me later. Is bun mein hai kuch baaat!

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