Rahul Eggs – Lawrence Road, Keshavpuram

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Fabulous!!!! I have never given a 5 star rating to a small dhaba type outlet. But this place blew me away. Had read a lot of favourable reviews on zomato but this place is located near wazirpur which is the opposite end of town.
Finally got an opportunity to come here as it was my mom in laws birthday and was spending the day at her place.
The restaurant opens at 2:30pm. The owner was really humble and helpful.
Had 5veg and 5 non veg omelettes packed.
The Special Monaco and the Kabab Jalandhri were the best.
You have to eat the omelettes, believe me you would not have had such omelette’s anywhere ever.
Hats off to the owners innovation in being able to make 350 types of omelette’s