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Fabulous (Must Visit):
I deem this classy restaurant to be FABULOUS not because the foodie in me has decreed it to be, but because of what it’s trying to achieve.
Whenever chefs talk of their “philosophy”, in my mind the words that play are “You are not Gordon Ramsay” but in Chef Sanjay Chaudhry’s case it’s almost justified. He has taken the seasonal mantra and turned it into a principle to live by. The menu designed by him is brilliant, but unlike other restaurants the menu here keeps changing every few months.
We were seduced by the amuse bouche (wakame bocunccini fritter, coconut essence shots, mango mint, garlic chourous) & mesmerised by the starters (Salt Baked Beetroot Salad & Wasabi Shrimps).
The Bread (Fucasio & Breyasho) served with 2 dips (Citrus Ricotta & Whipped Butter Cream) was amongst the best i have had (yes even better than the bread served at Olive)
The mains started with Dunderi Ricotta which was perhaps the least impressive of the dishes as the potato component was not to my liking.
The Norwegian Salmon was next. Words fail to describe this dish which was served with delicious mash potatoes & capper lemon sauce. It melted in my mouth.
Pizza Marinara (buffalo mozzarella,pilati tomato,oregano & black olive) was good, as was the Chicken Parmigiana.
For dessert we ordered the Valencia Cheese Cake, it was sinfully good.

The interiors are tastefully done, they even have a huge al fresco seating area with a view of the Quatab Minar but unfortunately the sweltering heat did not permit us to sit there. The menu is displayed on ipad’s, which was a nice touch.
The service was amongst the best in Delhi. The servers were attentive, courteous and manage the delicate balance of being ready when you require attention without being overly solicitous.

This restaurant is located in the space where Blue Frog once was & is surrounded by well know restaurants like Olive, En, Cherie etc.
QLA means “shadow of the Quatab”. I am sure that once people come to know about the existence of this beautiful urban oasis, it will move out of the shadows of its more illustrious neighbours.

Ps: Do try the Salmon

QLA – Mehrauli, New Delhi on July 30, 2015 rated 4.5 of 5