Perch Wine & Coffee Bar – Khan Market

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Perch is the newest entrant to the plethora of nice eating joints in Khan Market. Although the food menu was limited, as this is primarily supposed to be a wine bar.
The interiors were simple raw wood themed and were soothing to the eye.
We ordered a few wines and cocktails. The Bourbon Toast & The Soprano were both very well prepared.
The food we had consisted of the excellent Char Grilled Chicken & Shrimp Sausage, the Pan Tossed Calamari & Shrimps which was very ordinary, Smoked Chicken Salad which tasted average at best, Beer Fermented Bread which tasted nice with our drinks and the highlight of the meal were the Pork Scotch Eggs which were delectable.
In desserts we had the rich & tasty Double Chocolate Mousse.
The positives are that the service here is efficient, the food had some hit & misses but for the most part was good.
The negatives were primarily the seating. I am not a huge fan of high chairs because i found them uncomfortable, also don’t expect any privacy here as the arrangement is such that most of the seating is shared.
Also since they have a limited menu, they should make sure that all the wines and food items are available at all times. A couple of wines listed in the menu were not in stock & out of the four desserts in their menu, only two were available.
Overall i think this place has a lot of potential and I would love to visit again after a few months, by that time I am sure that these initial teething problems would have been resolved