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Who says Good Food always comes at a price!!! Pan Asian proves that you can get a Five Star experience at affordable rates.

The ambience was better than expected and very soothing. It’s on the first floor of Sheraton Hotel following a beautiful spiral Staircase, the restaurant exhibits classy ambience along with a live kitchen. The wooden furniture and flooring complement the minimal décor and ambient lighting.

The restaurant is grandeur in nature and has plenty of seating space. Icing on the cake is that it pampers you with a private dine in area.You can even sit alongside the live kitchen table and let the chef serve you steamed hot food right there which is quite an experience in itself.
You will see the Head Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, weaving magic with plentiful ingredients turning them into delectable delight that is served ‘hot & spicy’ directly into your plate. The staff was impeccably kind and helpful. This is one restaurant serving Asian food in Delhi with expert chefs from Thailand, Japan, Korea and China. Here you leisure with every kind of food from South East Asian countries under one roof; Pan Asian!
Are you still under the dilemma, why Pan Asian and not anything else? Well! ITC promotes Chef Rajdeep Kapoor’s “Slow Food” movement i.e. using local ingredients keeping the taste as original as possible. Unlike other 5 star hotels and restaurants who avoid using local products from local farms, Pan Asian took up the challenge of changing and breaking the stereotype by adjusting to the global scenario where usage of local ingredients is a promoted!
The new menu here is intriguing and mouth- watering.
We tasted a wide range of dishes prepared by Chef Vaibhav with lots of effort and love. I would like to share few of my food experiences here.
Salad lovers can go with appetizing Micro Cress Salad with baby Mesclun served with seasonal fruits, wasabi nuts and plums dressing. Too healthy and yummy to have!!!
I tried the Chicken Salad made up of Marinated chicken strips tossed in sesame creamy dressing on a bed of cabbage and garnished with wonton crisp. One bite and I couldn’t help losing myself to the exquisite taste!
Tried a vast variety of Sushi’s and Dimsums out of which the Mango sushi with fresh mango on top was especially delectable and definitely one of the best sushi’s i have had.
Out of the dumplings, my favourite was the Prawn Hargao. The thin translucent membrane made the minced prawns inside taste especially delectable.
Try the chicken Katsu Curry for the main course which is a Japanese curry with rice and Panko breaded chicken. Just a bite and it melts and spreads all its flavours into your mouth teleporting you to the streets of Japan with the 1st bite itself!!!
For dessert, don’t forget the sugary treat to your taste buds by trying out Family Dessert Platter which is a wholesome array of hot and cold specials from the chef’s table!
So, take a big chunk, close your eyes and relish heaven in your mouth!
This place basically is a complete package of classy ambience, mouth-watering food, and delightful experience…Tell me what else do you need?
Chef Vaibhav Bhargava has proved that he is a Culinary Genius whose instincts and taste are immaculate.Pan Asian is highly recommended, do try the new menu.