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“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” ― Alexander Pope

I invoke Pope today, only to save ViRAT KOHLI.
News of NUEVA’s ownership and partnership spread in the capital like wild fire. Cricket fan or not, the restaurant pulled everyone to the overachieving, high performance brand that Virat Kohli is.
Such is his charm that every time I see Kohli on the ground, I have fresh hope of winning, and the zealous feeling of being able to achieve great heights. Similarly when he comes out to bat, I expect him to score a century and win the match.
Unfortunately I took the same expectations of him to the restaurant.
But expectations are a funny thing. Often they are completely reasonable, such as with the rules of the road. You expect that everyone will stop at the red light and go on the green. But so often as with cricket (the recent final between India & Pakistan being the prime example) our expectations can be a bit off.
My Bad!!! Had Ashok Dinda’s or Ishant Sharma’s name been associated with the restaurant instead of VK, I would have judged it with a different yardstick. (Sach mein!)
Inside the restaurant a beautiful marble staircase leads you from the bar lounge on the ground floor to the elegant fine dining area on the first floor.
We started by ordering Ham with Figs & Cheddar, Shrimp Ceviche, Buff Carpaccio with Pomegranate & Coriander. Not one dish stood out, all the dishes tasted average.
In between we ordered a Colombian coffee (Cafe Jengibre) & a kiwi mocktail called Pure Verde.
Non Veg California Rolls were next and I was appalled by the taste and basic presentation. I have had better rolled sushi from delivery outlets.
I would especially like to mention here that the average Delhite palate has had so many amazing experiences, thanks to the available variety that you cant fool it anymore. You cant give us shabbily dressed rice cubes in the name of sushi. Sorry Boss! I have seen the best, and you have to compete with that to survive.
In mains we had Slow Cooked pan-grilled Pork Belly with a Vindaloo Glaze and a Buff Steak. Both the dishes tasted good, I especially liked the steak.
In desserts we tried the Cinnamon Tiramisu and The Paint Box (bite sized biscuits along with four different flavours of mousse).
Overall a hit and miss kind of place. The food was average, service was good, and rates were on the higher side.
Maybe cricket and food were never destined to meet or converge at NUEVA. Kohli’s restaurant has sadly become a casualty to his great achievement on the ground.
Definitely not an experience that I would associate with Virat Kohli’s name attached to it. (Arrey, its only normal to compare!) In cricketing jargon this was more a Suresh Raina kind of restaurant.
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