Megu – The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri

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The relationship between cost and quality,
thats the question i kept asking myself after exiting this stupendously expensive modern Japanese restaurant.
Megu is located inside the posh Leela boutique hotel. I have dined at Jamavar which is also located inside the Leela and honestly I had not been too impressed by the quality of food there.

On entering Megu we were quickly and efficiently ushered to our table. The luxuriant atmosphere created by the beautiful and classy interiors (especially the crystal Buddha) leave you mesmerised.
The service was of the highest order, from giving us suggestions on what to order, to serving and then clearing the dishes, everything was done with great efficiency and class.
This was the first time that i have had wasabi freshly grated at my table, it was a different but nice experience.
Started with their signature Megu Original Crispy Asparagus.It was basically four deep fried sticks of asparagus presented standing vertically.
The Yellowtail Carpaccio, Crispy Kanzuri Shrimps, Shira Ae and Crispy Tuna were all very well prepared. A special mention to the fabulous Shira Ae which is surely the best i have ever had.
The assorted sushi and nigiri we ordered were all excellent, all the ingredients tasted super fresh.I especially loved the Spiny Lobster rolls. But priced between 700₹-1000₹ per piece, i found the nigiri very overpriced.
Would have rated this place higher but for the exorbitant prices.

In the end I concluded that this is the place to go for a fine dine Japanese food experience but ONLY if someone else is paying 🙂