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Attention Foodies of Delhi, get ready for one of the finest dining experiences of your life. Masala Library has finally come to town (mumbaikars don’t have the bragging rights anymore).
Went here for dinner yesterday and was blown away by the ambience, service and the Cutting Edge Food which was served with a lot of drama. From Levitating Chocolates to Ashen Kulfi and of course the brilliant Naga Pork, everything was top notch and took my taste buds for a ride through 19 courses of culinary magic along with some brilliant wine pairing.
Masala Library is located right opposite Lutyens. Currently they are open only for dinner & have 2 dining slots (7:30pm & 9:30pm).
The interiors are beautifully designed and are elegance personified. The main seating is for about 50 people and they also have a private dining/tasting room at the back which accommodates 10 people.
We opted for 3 tasting menus (2non veg and 1 veg) along with the wine pairing.
I don’t want to get into the details of the meal because it may ruin the element of surprise but i think the photos will speak for themselves. Although i can’t resist mentioning a few highlights of the meal.
Firstly the Levitating White Chocolate Balls which were placed on small trays that flew in the air due to the use of strong magnets.
The Ashes Ice Cream was delicious as was the Hand Pulled Duck with Plum Korma and the Pepper Lamb with Appam Shell. The Radhuni Sea Bass was a bit dry but the Charcoal Bhajjia with its smoky flavour and the innovative Deconstructed Samosa were worth tasting.
The Madur Vada was served with clear rassam which was inside a tube, an interesting way to present the dish.
The highlight of the meal was the Mushroom Chai (dehydrated mushrooms replaced tea leaves & sugar was substituted by spices and dehydrated truffle oil). The flavours were spectacular, in fact it was so good that i requested them for another cup.

The service was top notch, our servers Hemant & Karan along with the maitre d Chandrashekhar Hirlekar made sure that they were always close by to explain the details of each dish being served, the best way to eat it and also what we were about to taste and experience.

Masala Library had the ability to challenge my sense of smell, sight & taste. I would rate it in my top 3 must dine places in Delhi along with the now defunct Tasting Lab at Olive and of course my all time favourite Indian Accent.
Unique Gastro-Cullinary Innovations, Creative Flavours and of course personalised service.
Highly recommend Masala Library to experience a gastronomic journey like no other.