Lights Camera Action – Air Bar

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What is the difference between the people of Delhi and those of other states? How would the average Delhiite distinguish himself/herself from the average Mumbaikar or a Bangalorean?
Apart from the wretched superiority complex, it seems the peeps in Delhi are HUNGRY.Hungry for a great experience.
Unlike their Mumbaiyya counterparts- the passive aggressive, workaholic, man machines who can stun you with their casual don’t ask don’t tell attitude. (They ofcourse have their own high points). The Delhiites are the lovers of good things in life, be it cultural phenomenon or gastronomical. The hunger is to also find something new to do, something new to eat all the time. You see we get bored easily!
Their constant hankering for bigger, better, newer things is what sets them apart from others (Bangalore catching up fast here).

Lights Camera Action is the latest restaurant to appear on the Delhi food scene and currently basking in their nitrogen infused glory. *smoke clouds appear*.
LCA came to the food scene at a fortunate time. Just when the flavors of the Social chain were veering off, Varun Puri decided to book the gap and open his restaurant. It’s not just an improvisation on the others in the market, it’s a level UP!
Then again merely appearing in some corner of the city isn’t enough. You have to make an entry. You have to give people something new- some shock value. This is where most restaurants often falter. They feign grandeur and often fade without a trace (terrible alliterations here!)
Because the trick to tame the animal that the Delhiite is to introduce new tricks without much alteration to their comfort zone.

Enter LCA, recognizing the hypocrite in us and offering us more than witty menu items and run of the mill movie posters- Molecular gastronomy. Kyunki who said, “ITNE MEIN ITNA HI MILENGAA”?

From the Chammak Chalo salad to the Rangeela Kaun Popcorn, from the Pyaar Tune quesadilla to the Dabangg Naanza every dish was unique and enjoyable.
Although I was not very impressed by the quality of the food, but the presentation & low pricing made up for that.

LCA stands high on not just ambience, food, presentation but also the Kitsch value.
It’s not about a movie poster here and a funny name in the menu there. The whole experience right from the entrance to the wait staff is going to be a recall of popular culture. Be it Bollywood, friends or Facebook memes. This restaurant is Bollywood kitsch well done.