Gastronomica – Greater Kailash 1

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1Gastronomica has opened about a month ago in GK1 market on the second floor above Bercos. Interiors are nice, they even have a small balcony. The brown paper mats on the table were very tacky. Olive mehrauli uses the same paper mats under the guise of being eco friendly but Olive is at a different level altogether.
Started with Wasabi Chicken Tikka, Kadak Papad Kebab, Tandoori Quail, Salmon Tikka and Steamed Pokchoy and Water Chestnut Dimsums.
The wasabi chicken tikka and papad kebab were well prepared. The quail hardly had any meat in it and was not soft as a quail should be.
Had the Dal Gastronomica which was basically well prepared Dal Makhani. Tried a couple of their Gourmet Kulchas which sounded interesting (pepperoni,sundried tomato and jalapeño kulcha) but the taste was not to my liking.
The Gastronomica Sliders were a big disappointment as the buns were very hard.
The service was ok, i got the impression that they were trying too hard to impress.
The prices are pretty low, so just about an average place to hang out.