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“Eating well is about submission. It’s about giving up all vestiges of control, about entrusting your fate entirely to someone else and slipping heedlessly into a new Experience”
At no restaurant in Delhi do these words more aptly apply than OLIVE, a restaurant designed to gratify and pamper willing guests.

I have been visiting Olive mehrauli since the time Chef Sabby was in charge. Have witnessed a lot of changes over the years (the new open tdm bar on top, various menu changes etc) but one thing that has never changed is the fact that you will always have a Wonderful Experience.

TASTING LAB (Thursday nights only):

When i heard that they had started a Tasting Lab, i rushed here. It was an experience like no other.
The tasting lab takes you on an intriguing journey through 9 courses of culinary magic.

At a time when so much control has shifted from the chef to the diner (think vegans, substitutions, no beef, fear of mushrooms etc), The Tasting Lab functions on the premise that there are still people out there eager to surrender control to Chef’s who deserve it.
Thats where Chef Sujan comes in with his simple philosophy which says “Just Let Us Cook For You”.
Sujan can be described as a chef firing on all cylinders and should be praised for his triumphant & exciting cooking.
He is a down to earth, humble chef with no pretensions or gimmicks. The dishes he created were full of vibrancy and ambition.

I won’t describe the dishes in too much detail as the element of surprise may be ruined but the highlights of the meal were the Smoking Tiramisu Cigar’s with edible ash, Fermented Black Garlic and Hollandaise Foam dish which looked like a Fried Egg, Prawn Tail with Lime Foam with edible sand, Duck Liver Lollipop on a stick – I mean how delightfully crazy can you get?
The cocktail pairing was done by Mr. Nitin from Bacardi India Private Limited and the drinks superbly complimented the food. In my 300+ reviews, i have never once written in detail about Cocktails or Drinks in general but the Pairing of food & Liquor here was so good that I just have to describe it.

Royal Punch: It was a refreshing & welcoming combination of Grey Goose Vodka, homemade plum and beetroot shrub, apple juice and spices.
Cherry Club: A twist to a classic cocktail Clovers club. A delicate combination of Bombay Sapphire gin which adds flavors and aromas of 10 different botanicals with locally procured homemade Himanchali Cherry syrup and fresh lemon juice.

MangoGinger: MangoGinger in local language its called Amada, found in east India. It belongs to family of ginger and has a unique aroma and taste of raw mango with the unique taste and qualities of ginger. For this drink they used dewar’s whisky for its honeyed tasting notes combined it with fresh Mango Ginger, honey water and lime juice.

Burnt Leek old-fashioned: A twist to the world famous and most liked cocktail Old Fashioned with Burnt and vegetable flavour of Burnt Leek to perfectly compliment the flavour of food served. This cocktail is a combination of Dewar’s whisky, Burnt Leek espresso, orange bitters and a touch of amaretto.

Milk & Honey: A perfect treat to close the meal.This dessert drink is a combination of Grey Goose Vodka, creme de cacao white, Drambuie (honey liqueur) and clarified milk. To balance the sweetness of this drink they top it up with jasmine tea foam which blends perfectly with the cocktail and creates a mesmerising dessert drink experience.

For those willing to try something different, Please do try the Tasting Lab I guarantee that it will change your outlook towards how Food Can Taste.

And just incase my review of the Tasting Lab has not convinced you to try it or if you are not interested in experimenting too much with your food then do try the a la carte menu. You are sure to love the experience.

Regular Dining Experience:
The staff here is very efficient, friendly & very much aware of what they are serving.
The ambience is very romantic and relaxing. Would advice to try to get seated outdoors(even in summers they have well placed fans so you won’t feel the heat).
The non veg mezze platter is a must have.
Spicy chicken pizza & pepperoni pizza are fabulous.
The Pepperoni pizza is one of the best I have ever had. The crust is thin,fragrant,crisp & slightly charred. In short its Perfect!!
Crab Ravioli is always cooked to perfection, the Belgian Pork Tenderloin is delicious.
For dessert try the Chocolate Fondant.

Good Food, Excellent Service & Stunning Ambience!!! What more can you ask for!!!

Ps: Do try the Tasting Lab, Your Taste Buds Will Have an Orgasm 🙂

Olive Bar & Kitchen – Mehrauli on July 30, 2015 rated 5.0 of 5