Farmout – DLF Phase 4

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I was initially skeptical about visiting a deli which serves only salads & sandwiches. (Not my kind of place :). The concept may be new but the execution was very well done.
The name FARMOUT is self explanatory. Organic ingredients sourced from farms are used and the bread used is healthy and is sure to please those who are particularly about calories.
Crust bread with soya chunks for vegetarians and soft,floppy, thinly-sliced, moderately peppered meat with a dab of vinegary house mustard for meat lovers.
What more can one ask for.

This simple yet elegant deli is like the holy grail of sandwich shops in Delhi NCR, the birthplace to such bread-based heroes as the Meatosaurus & Hungry Yogi.
If you are one of those who loves to eat but are weary about the calorie content or if you are skeptical about the ingredients used in your food, then do visit FARMOUT and experience farm fresh healthy sandwiches which will also please your taste buds.