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At the risk of sounding profound, I would like to initiate you on a journey to my new found summer Oasis.
Everything I ever heard about food and experienced in the past, was recently taken away from me. In return I was given an unforgettable culinary experience, a Gourmet Trance if you please.
Before venturing into the details of my experience I would like to draw your attention towards the many world cuisines. What do the French, Italian, or Mexican chefs have that somehow you never associate with the Indian Chefs? Their expertise? Their consistency in creating good food? Or is it their pride?
A simple dish like fish and chips done, re-done, often overdone is still the pride and joy of the great Brits. The Italian marinara, cooked to its optimum goodness and/or sometimes not, is the thing people in Rome could still fight about. Well, then why have I never seen an Indian chef saving the perishing dignity of the much stereotyped Indian food?
It’s the Cultural arrogance of the aforementioned cuisines that manifests into the food and becomes culinary arrogance. And as if right on cue, Annapurna Devi (goddess of food in the Hindu culture) heard me wailing at the mediocrity of some restaurants and granted me this gift, that I am sure will keep on giving for a long time.
I know, goddess and all but allow me to be philosophical just this one time and you will see why.
My first thoughts upon arrival at the Roseate house were- classy, chic and upbeat; but what’s new?
Roseate house has several dinning arrangements. One of them is the Bistro DEL, inspired by the city’s Airport code (IGI Delhi- DEL).
The décor is minimalistic, but the food is extensive. The menu at DEL is not just a few steps ahead of its competition, but leaps and bounds ahead of its neighbours. The menu is vast, and the choices are plenty.
Opening a bistro with such a comprehensive menu is in one swift move both daring and arrogant, and I love it. To call the food at DEL- fusion food will be to call your mother your primary caregiver, your limited edition Merc, Sonata ki sister concern, or your wife a personal chef (the last one at your own risk!) It will be utterly wrong and stupid.
The credit of all the pan clinking action at the Bistro goes to Chef Anuj Wadhawan. He deserves a standing ovation for every single plate he brings out for us. He needs to be endorsed for raising the standard of the Delhi food scene several bars higher, while also converting his consumers into connoisseurs. Connoisseurs of the luxurious lifestyle that the Roseate house promises.
DEL doesn’t invite you to dine-in, it compels you to take your first steps towards the many possibilities on your platter. With seating indoor, alfresco and a sky lounge, DEL surely has everything you need and more.
One of the many unique things about the Bistro is the airport code of the city from where the food originated. While placing my order I couldn’t help notice that the food wasn’t fused to look fancy, or mish mashed with other cuisines, rather it was elevated. The taste was enhanced and energised for you and I to enjoy.
We started with French Onion Soup with Gruyere Crostini. The top is golden and crisp, the cheese has blistered and fallen and is completely melted, and gooey bits are stuck to the outer sides of the bowl. When I cut through the cheese, the bread was slightly crisp, but mushy at the same time. I filled my spoon with the rich, full broth crammed with soft, sweet, smoky onions. The definition of fantasy in a bowl I would say.
The soup is followed by Ying Yang, a dish consisting of paprika prawns with asparagus shavings, gomadare dressing and kombu chips. The dish can cause an explosion of flavours in your mouth, the spicy paprika, the slightly nutty gomadare dressing with the crispy kombu chip, topped with asparagus just tickle your tastebuds in a different manner. Having said this, the way chef has very well balanced the flavours is an art in itself.
Next came their signature Quinoa Biryani with its new texture and health quotient that is already creating a buzz in the food community. Served with Broccoli Stem, Green Pea, French Beans and cottage cheese.
Halfway through my dinner my heart was already celebrating the triumph that the food here is. The food fought back, finally. Chef Anuj has re-designed and reinvigorated the cultural identity of our food. Blueberry Raita and Bhuni Kachi Mirch Ka Murgh makes the palate explode. Don’t mistake the pink colour of the raita, it’s just amazing, contrasted with the spiciness of Bhuna Kachi Mirch Ka Murgh.
The Indian food at this hotel has been raised through the roof and is taken beyond the premises of chicken tikka, tikki, tadka masala.
We end with a huge Lemon Tart. A standard dish but with a DEL twist. The balanced flavour, the sweet and sour taste, and softness was just right, a perfect end.
This fabulous first visit compelled me to visit DEL twice more in the same week. I tried their lunch buffet (rate it amongst the top two Buffets in town) and i even got to try dishes from their newly launched menu. If i start describing the food then this review may compete for the longest review trophy and also perhaps my words may not do justice to Chef Anuj’s cutting edge creations. Hence I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.
The place is Aerocity and the theme is travelling, it all makes complete sense.
Do yourself a favour. Visit roseate house and let the experience take over you.
You need this amazing out of the world experience while still being physically present in Delhi.

“My standards are raised, and I’m hankering for more. Your move Dilliwallon!!”

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