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My fondest memory of sampling true Thai food was in the streets of Phuket where i had my first taste of authentic Pad Thai.
Unfortunately there is a scarcity of restaurants in the Delhi which serve Thai food. In fact you can count them on your fingers.
This small elegant fine dine restaurant attempts to fill that void and does a good job.
Noted for its generous use of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices, Thai food is one of the healthiest and most flavourful styles of cooking on the planet.
Dao offers a vast variety of Thai food. While the menu features no shortage of meat and seafood, vegetarians will also be right at home here.
There is an added bonus, the owners also have another restaurant called Dim Cha which serves amazing Dim Sums and since the kitchen is right next door, the dimsums can be served on your table.
The manager Mr Manoj lead us through the menu, which includes soups, salads, curries, rice or noodles dishes and some interesting desserts.
Since we were a group of six, we ordered a wide variety of starters and mains.

The fresh curries (red,green,yellow,panang), vegetarian or with chicken,duck,seafood. Best sopped up by the most robust brown rice in town.
The thin flat rice noodles come stir-fried and topped with ground chicken/tofu/black mushrooms.
I was very happy to experience seasonings like Thai Basil,mint,ginger,lemon grass,peanuts,cashew nuts and of course those magnificent Thai Chillies.
The service was excellent.

Its just not the desi thai food most people are used to. It does not make its point through lashings of sugar. It embraces pungency and depth.
Definitely one of the best Thai food restaurants in Delhi.