Coast Cafe – Hauz Khas Village

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The first thing I noticed & liked was the new spacious lift 🙂 so unlike a lot of restaurants in Hauz Khas Village, there is no need to climb narrow stairways. The best part is its location, its right above the Ogaan showroom and the first restaurant you cross when entering this Urban Village.
The cafe is spread across two floors and even has a small open sitting section/balcony/smoking area. The decor is chic and they even have small plants on each table. The place is well light, clean, spacious and the art work gives the cafe a very soothing feel.

The menu is Cafe Style with a heavy Coastal influence.
Ordered two non alcoholic drinks i.e. Kaffir Lime Tonic and J’s Highway Lemonade.
Started off with Mustard Tossed Home Fries which were ok, nothing great.
Eat With Your Hands Kerala Grilled Chicken was next and i will stick my neck out and admit that it was the best grilled chicken i have ever had. Very juicy, just the right amount of spices and cooked to perfection.
Mutton Sukka was a delight.
In mains we were served superb Cost Cafe Prawn Moilee and also a fabulous Chicken Curry. The chicken curry was packed with flavours and there was a perfect balance of spices. The malabar parantha was ok, but the appam’s served here rate amongst the best served in Delhi (and yes i have been to Dakshin).
This was the first time i have had an Egg White Appam and i must say that i loved it.
Perhaps my only disappointment that night was the lack of options in desserts.