Biryani by Kilo, DLF Phase 1

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Over the years I have had the misfortune of dining at a lot of restaurants that serve what should be called “DUMB” biryani.
These so called biryani’s can at best be described as mildly flavoured tomato bath rice and definitely not Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Because an authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani oozes spices, strong flavour, packs a lot of heat and basically is a yummy rice delight.
There must be hundreds of joints serving DUMB biryani in Gurgaon but there are very few which serve authentic Dum Biryani, BIRYANI By KiLo joins that exclusive list.

As soon as i called and placed the order, i received a conformation sms and i was sent another sms along with the riders phone number when the order was dispatched. Even received an sms the next day to ask for my feedback. This whole order tracking and feedback mechanism impressed me.

Biryani’s were delivered in Earthen handi’s along with tiny candles which can be used to heat the food. Once I opened the lid, the fragrance engulfed the room, rich with the reassuring aroma of pure ghee, saffron & chicken cooked to melt in the mouth with tenderness.
The biryani was incredible and was an absolute delight to the senses. The best part was the chicken to rice ratio. I have never seen so many pieces of chicken in a biryani.
Value for money as one biryani was sufficient for 3-4 people.

The other dishes we ordered were equally outstanding.
Mutton Korma was delectable and the Ulte Tawe Ke Paranthe (whole wheat layered bread) accompanying it were well prepared.
The paranthe were thin but the dough was firm and had a great chew.
The Galouti Kebab was delightful. The complexity of flavour in the kebab made me swoon.
For dessert we had the Mutka Phirni which was thick, creamy & smooth, easily the best phirni in gurgaon.

If you are in the mood flavourful & not too spicy Biryani’s which are perfectly cooked with tender & juicy meat that will pamper your taste buds, then Biryani By Kilo is the place to order from.