Biryani Blues – DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

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When Aparna and Raymond set up Biryani Blues, their aim was to serve authentic & tasty Hyderabadi food without the overdose of oil or chillies and at affordable rates. The fact that all the tables here were occupied as early as 7pm, along with the news that they have recently opened two new outlets shows that they have achieved their target.
The staff was polite and courteous and the ambiance was simple,nice and relaxed.

My favourite dishes here were the succulent Chicken 65 (spicy deep fried chicken starter which is garnished with chilli leaves) and its equally good vegetarian counterpart the Paneer 65. I also liked the Pathar Ka Gosht, which consists of lamb marinated overnight and seared on a hot granite stone over charcoal.

We tried three Biryani’s i.e. Paneer Biryani, Chicken Biryani and Mutton Keema Biryani. All the biryani’s were beautifully cooked and had distinct flavours. The rice grains were long and the meat was tender. You could imagine the chicken smiling down at this restaurant from poultry heaven 🙂
The biryani was balanced in its seasoning, the strong spices were wonderfully countered by herbs such as hara dhania.
I especially liked the Keema Biryani, which was certainly the best looking, featuring an aesthetically pleasing gradient that flowed from white to yellow and finally to brown, where the wonderfully cooked mutton rested at the base.
Easily the best biryani I have had in Delhi NCR.
In desserts we had Kaddu Ki Kheer, which sounded a bit weird but tasted very good.

Overall I had a very good experience at Hyderabad Blues and thoroughly enjoyed their range of Hyderabadi cuisine.
This place in my opinion serves the BEST Biryani’s in town.