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An Oriental Experience!!!!
A lot of people don’t know this but the word oriental was coined by the westerners to describe the East for its luscious scenic beauty, its exotic, mystical and opulent culture and lifestyle. The word Orient also loosely means ‘the other’ (the different one).
A step inside the B-Bar makes the hodge-podge Delhi a distant memory. The first thing that strikes you when you enter the restaurant is its vast opulence. The images of grandiose are best exuded by the grand golden Buddha statue at the entrance. One look at the statue and you know that you have stepped inside the orient. The mystical, magical orient of the plush seating and luscious culinary marvels served on platter with soy. 😀
Once inside, the place looks like the enchanted land of dreams, like an opulent zen garden with life size statues and golden trimmings. At any moment, you can expect a stunningly bedecked, silk clad Geisha to appear from a corner to escort you to your seat.
As enchanted as a little boy on a tour of the golden palace, I took my seat still acclimatizing myself to the vastness and all-encompassing richness of the place. (by this time, I had honestly forgotten where I was). The overhead dome added to the grandeur of the restaurant which by now had over taken my senses.
The focal point of the restaurant’s energy and attraction is the circular bar. The bar offers some of the spunkiest sounding and tasting drinks, like the Devil Wears Prada, USA Meets Thailand, and Peanut Manhattan or for that matter the Hapoos Tikki. My personal favourite however was something about B bar. Now I will not tell you the ingredients of these concoctions that are for me to know and you to experience when you get there.
Now that the interiors were enthralling, the food had to match up, if not exceed my expectations.
The starters consisted of the sushi and maki roll platters.
Lobster Dumplings in Crab Sauce were served next and they were delectable.
The food was an unparalleled delight for my taste buds as well as my eyes. The live section was the highlight of my restaurant experience at B-Bar. The famous Chef Vadim Shin, the Teppanyaki master of swift and sharp moves that leave you gaping in awe while you gobble down what he just prepared is worth every second you spend without blinking your eyes when you watch him toss his knives.
Chef Vadim Shin is a much revered chef who did his formal training in Moscow. Chef Shin who previously showcased his sharp skills at Shiro has recently made the big move to B-Bar and has managed to set the place on fire (in a good way!).
What chef Vadim does behind that counter is not just magic, it’s theatrical performance by a master chef who puts his heart and soul into it and offers you on the platter. It’s a perfectly timed tap on the egg, a swift motion of the knife cracks open the egg that reveals what looks like the most beautiful yellow you have ever seen oozing out of a shell. The complicated art form that Chef Shin showcases is what you would go back in there for again and again.
Like all good things need to come to an end, the live kitchen gave way to the main course. This was well planned and well placed. The trick about the main course is that you can’t rely on the snacks to fill the stomach up, rather warm you up for the main act- THE MAIN COURSE. It consisted of Diced Chicken with Fiery Sauce, Prawns in Garlic Butter, Mutton Curry with sweet mango sauce. All the dishes were wonderfully prepared and presented.
For Desserts we were served Triple Flavoured Creme Brûlée which was gooey & tasted superb.
The Philadelphia Cheesecake looked tantalising but I was too stuffed to try it.
Earnestly my experience at B-Bar has in the most real sense raised the bar of fine dining. It has increased my expectations for good food, good service, excellent ambience and a feeling of having wined, dined and bathed in the lap of luxury.
Caution: Don’t fight the feeling of amazement once you’re in there, just go with the flow and let Buddha guide you to your inner Zen garden.