Ah So Yum – Gurgaon (Gurugram)

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Not all saviours wear capes and red chaddis, some of them come in beautiful delivery boxes, filling your heart with warmth and your tummy with food. Obviously the hero of this story is the food that is delivered at our door steps.
Ye baat hai use raat ki when I was very hungry & while waiting for my food to get delivered, I wondered who came up with the idea of food delivery. Who is responsible for saving relationships, marriages, one night stands and of course humanity from cannibalism? Who do I thank for this wondrous experience of having your cake delivered, so you can eat IT? (Follow my drift…)
In case you’re wondering who eats on a one night stand, you are a horrible human being. Feed your date!
Well for centuries a take away meal or delivery has been the working person’s best friend. As a result of industrialization people traveled farther away from home to work. When they needed hot food it was the take away joints in these urban cities that came to their rescue.
Now even more so than ever, the food delivery services are the quintessential part of the city lifestyle. Not just for the urban office hubs, but every galli has a Krishna dhaba for the may- day naan, roti and tadka dal. Every market plaza has a desi Chinese whipping wok (which hasn’t been washed for centuries, to retain the flavour you know 🙂
So what sets apart a few restaurants that we pick from the gazillion to order from? What makes us want to trust the services of a particular business?
Let me straight up tell you, for me it’s the keepsakes that come with the delivery. Yes I am cheap! There I said it. I am also a delivery container hoarder (so is your mother, don’t lie).
I especially like how the delivery packaging game has been upped by the key players in Delhi NCR. The food could be so-so, but the custom-made packaging it arrives in sure has my heart.
One of the recent food deliveries I tried with beautiful (abstract even) packaging art is AH-SO-YUM. This primarily delivery restaurant offers contemporary Pan Asian cuisine.
Now I won’t go as far as saying I have never had food like this before, because well I eat out a lot. But I will say this… It’s one of the best pan Asian I have had in Gurgaon.
Artfully presented and bursting with flavors, it is a sure shot star which can and will give its competitors a run for their money. (I mean pink dumplings! You get me bro!)
The menu offers a good variety to choose from. They have everything from dim sums to sushi to poke bowls to the thai curries.
So here’s the thing, I have travelled to every continent of the world to be able to differentiate between soggy salmon sushi, and freshly sliced salmon slivers in rice sushi (thoda self-congratulatory, but what the heck. It’s my review na 🙂
If you think the people at Ah SO Yum take their sushi seriously, you should check out their gorgeous dim sums. There they go ballistic! The many shapes, sizes and fillings will simply not let you pick one. Even my children loved how well presented these beautiful yummy bags of flavour were.
I love it when restaurants experiment with food, more often than not they are not too successful but in Ah So Yum’s case dishes like Teriyaki Chicken Samosa’s, Chicken & Gari Dimsum’s, Sassy Begum Sushi & the Snicker Sushi’s were all amazingly successful & delectable experiments.
The food was an A+ through and through. All the way from the packaging (utensils, welcome message, fortune cookie etc.), the quality and the quantity were really top notch.
The prices are on the lower side when compared to other such premium Pan Asian outlets. In fact i was so impressed by the food that i ended up visiting the restaurant twice on the same day for lunch and dinner. They have a nice outdoor seating area with colourful chairs, but the crowning glory was the beautiful spankingly clean open kitchen.
Shows that they take their hygiene standards very seriously.
In the end though, it was the picture on the take away boxes that caught my attention for a very long time.
Wonder what it means!